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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Steampunk Machine Wall Decor Will Blow You Away

My long-time friend Jean-Francois Mayer is an inventor, mechanical engineer and industrial designer. And a steampunk lover.

JF has combined his skills and passion and came up with this amazing steampunk machine! The huge, insane machine has been built in real life, and in a couple of months Jean-Francois will be manufacturing the parts in limited quantities.

You want to have this crazy machinery in your living room? The time is now, stay tuned on Jean-François' updates: Steampunk.SciFi.Design

"But what does this... thing do, exactly?"
Who cares? It's work of art, and by owning this unique machine, everybody will know you by name. You own a store, a bar, a cafe? Add The Steampunk Machine to your decor and become the place in town everybody talks about...

THE STEAMPUNK MACHINE PROMO-1 from The Steampunk Machine on Vimeo.

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