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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Le samedi de La BD Gratuite à La Boite à BD de Laval!

Ce samedi, 2 mai, c'est le Samedi de la BD Gratuite!!

Pour l'occasion, je serai à La Boite à B.D. de Laval pour une amicale séance de signature. Plusieurs autres auteurs de BD et 'cosplayers' seront de la partie pour une journée mémorable.

Besoin d'informations à propos de cet événement annuel? Visite la page Facebook:
Le Samedi de la BD - Page Facebook

Plusieurs librairies à travers le Québec participent à l'événement, il y en a certainement une près de chez toi. La liste des librairies participantes est sur la page Facebook.

Viens chercher ta BD gratuite le samedi 2 mai! On se voit là!

-Sv Bell

This Saturday! Free Comic Book Day!

Yes, the greatest day of the year is coming! This Saturday, it's the annual event Free Comic Book Day! The name says it all: just visit your local comic book shop, and get some absolutely FREE comic books.

How can that be? Visit the event's website for all information, and get the list of all participating book stores across the world.

Free Comic Book Day

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Own a website? Google Downgrades Rankings for Non Mobile-Friendly Sites.

It hasn't been covered a lot, but as of April 21st 2015, Google change its search engine algorithms. One of the main impact is that now on, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will be automatically downgraded and pushed away in Google search results.

So if your website relies heavily on Google search queries to get visitors, you will have to make sure it is fully responsive. If you notice lesser visits on your page starting today, that may be the reason why.

Read the Google webmaster article.
Also reported on Forbes.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Models, The Angels...

Someone asked me on Twitter if I was using actual models for reference when I draft my doodles for Monsters and Models.

In many situations, yes I do! Interested? If you're a demon, have tentacles or giant eyes, send me your modeling pics!

I tend to draw and sketch based on photos from models sending me their albums and galleries. Pro and amateur models, fetish, goth, cosplayer, I like to call them the Black Flag TV Angels, and the Angels also have some of their pictures posted on a special section on my site! Visit them here, they're bold, they're beautiful, they're wonderful: Black Flag TV Angels

Would like to submit your photos? Please do!
Fire me an email with a link, I can't wait to see!

sv bell