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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kodak's New Super8 Film Cameras are HERE! See this review!

Kodak is bringing back Super8 film cameras!

It's every filmmaker's dream to shoot on real, actual film stock. Kodak - once again - reinvent the way people shoot films.

Concerned about processing your films and how to transfer to digital for viewing? Very easy. When you buy a Super8 cartridge, processing is included. You shoot your film, send the cassette to a processing center (address and shipping envelope is provided with the cartridge. Once processed, Kodak uploads your digital file (scanned in 4k) to their server, where you can pick it up or directly share with your friends.

There's probably tons of options available, like different resolution scans, or if you want to have the Super8 processed film stock sent back. Many of us still own - and love - their Super8 film projectors! (I blogged about it earlier, with a test sample of the camera!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Unspoken Crisis That Kills Local Comic Shops

Folks, don’t forget that when you order comics from your local shop, the store actually PAY upfront to get the books, and have them delivered to the store for you. If you don’t show up to pick up your order, it’s the comics shop you love who gets in trouble…!

"With the hastag of #BoostYourLCS hitting the web to help comics shops everywhere, Pack Rat comics in Hilliard, Ohio pointed out something else that is hurting comics shops… and it’s not lack of new readers, variant covers, late shipping books or digital editions…

It’s subscribers who order comics then don’t pick them up.

As the sign points out, Pack Rat has $1,481.20 in comics that were not picked up from their pull service in the last 3 months. Not I’m not sure if that’s cover value or the amount they paid, but either way those books are tying up their ability to order more inventory and since they are being held for customers, they can’t be sold.

If you are a subscriber at your local comic shop and haven’t picked up your books in a while… either head down and get them or set them free so they can find a good home and retailers can then cycle that money back into buying more books. Maybe we need #PickUpYourBooks

It’s the comic book circle of life… don’t be Scar."

Source: Bleeding Cool

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Alterna Comics Launching New Comics Line in Newsprint!

Independent publisher Alterna Comics is launching a new line of comic books where its single issues will be printed in newsprint and retail for $1.99 or less per issue.

"When I fell in love with comics, it was an entire experience. The stories, the imagery, and the paper. There was almost nothing else like reading a comic book. It was a fragile thing, but durable at the same time," said Alterna Comics' publisher Peter Simeti. "Printed on newsprint with a thin, but glossy, cover, you could roll the comic - not that you'd necessarily want to - and they were lightweight and had a floppy feel. The smell and feel of the pages is something that no longer occurs on the new comic book day release wall, yet it's prevalent in back issue bins across the country. Our goal is to create a comic book that would 'feel' like it just came out of a shop from 30 years ago."

From the 1930s to the early 1990s, most all comic books were printed on newsprint-quality paper. Following advancements in comic book coloring in 1992 and 1993, Marvel, DC, Image and others segued to glossier paper in order for the more nuanced coloring to register. With that came higher prices due to the changing paperstock; something Alterna plans to take advantage of by using newsprint.

"While most companies seem to be trying to out do each other with premium paper stocks and escalating price tags, we're aiming to make comics affordable and bring back a practicality to single issues. We're not in the business of making collectibles first and comics second. These won't be variant covers or variant issues, just basic comic books. We're happy to leave the premium paper stocks to our graphic novel line, which we will still be producing. Right now, we're aiming to launch this line with a few issues priced from $1 to $1.99, in Spring/Summer 2017."

Source: Newsrama