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Monday, October 31, 2016

SOLD! Original Album Cover for Amorphis' Tales From The Thousand Lakes

Acrylics on canvas, 36" X 48"
The baby is gone!
Recently I parted with this album cover I painted in late 1992, a commissioned work by Nuclear Blast GmbH for Amorphis' Tales From The Thousand Lakes.

I've been carrying it around for nearly 24 years. Every now and then I received offers from fans to purchase the original painting, but always declined.

Until today.

Now the painting will be part of a private collection belonging to a long time heavy metal fan who's collecting classic album covers' original artwork. I'm very, very proud that my painting will be displayed next to Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica and several other original art for heavy metal classics...! I feel a bit like an intruder among these famous artists, that have always been an inspiration to me. It definitely is a privilege for me to be part of that collection...!

New Metallica Track released: Atlas, Rise!

Yet another amazing Metallica track from their upcoming album Hardwired To Self-Destruct!
Here's Atlas, Rise!
Also: HARDWIREDMoth Into Flame and Dream No More music videos

New Metallica Track released: Atlas, Rise!

Yet another amazing Metallica track from their upcoming album Hardwired To Self-Destruct!

Here's Atlas, Rise!
Also: HARDWIRED video here!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Killer Klowns From Outer Space as a trilogy!!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space back as a trilogy? I say YESS!!!

Bloody-disgusting reports:
"The Chiodo Brothers, the key creative forces behind 1988 gem Killer Klowns from Outer Space, have made no secret of the fact that they're incredibly hungry to bring the Klowns back for more wacky fun, and it seems that every couple years they provide us with an update. Granted, the update is usually of the "not much is happening with this" variety, but when the brothers Chiodo talk Klowns, we listen. What's the latest update? Well, it's not all that much different from the last one, unfortunately.

Speaking with The Odd Podcast this week, Stephen Chiodo once again expressed his desire to bring the Klowns to the small screen in the form of a brand new trilogy that would serve as both a remake and a sequel. As he described back in March of this year, he's calling the ambitious project a "requel."

But what's the status on all that? Chiodo explains:

There's nothing coming out that you could guarantee. Look, Hollywood is a very fickle industry. We've been working on a sequel since the day after we made [Killer Klowns from Outer Space]. I mean we have tons of ideas on different directions we can take it. There's been a lot of legal issues, a lot of financial difficulties. We've had deals people presented us with that we weren't really interested in. There is something that's going to happen. We are currently working on something. But it doesn't mean that it's coming out next week.

He also elaborated on the concept being played with:

We want to take some of the characters we had in the original film and do a new film that has new characters having their little adventures with Klowns, but also revisit some of the people we've seen in the past. Instead of a theatrical release, we're thinking of going to television. We've got this great idea. Sort of like a trilogy in four parts, with the original film being the first, and then we have an idea for a trilogy that would just be a long-ranging series that follows new characters as they battle Klowns, but then we also see Mike Tobacco pop up. And then we see Debbie Stone. And then we see Dave the cop. We've got it all written out. It's a fantastic concept.

At the moment, Chiodo says that the ball is in MGM's court, and that he and the brothers are looking for a writer to come on board and help them flesh out their ideas, so that they have something tangible to present the studio with. For now, their lofty ideas for the franchise are sitting in a drawer and dancing around in their heads."


Monday, October 17, 2016

R.I.P. Ted V Mikels

Farewell brother, you've been a guide to all horror indie filmmakers.
Thanks for everything you brought to the horror and exploitation genre!

Thru a friend actor, I've been lucky enough to contribute a small segment to his anthology film Paranormal Extreme: Text Messages From The Dead.

"During his grade school years, he was an amateur photographer who developed his own film in his bathtub. While in 8th grade, he was awarded his first acting role in a film that was to star William Powell, but World War II forced the cancellation of the production. By the age of 15, he was a regular stage performer and developed an interest in filmmaking when he attempted to shoot his performances.In 2008, he said, "I figured out that you have to move the camera around to get different angles, and then you have to edit the film when you're done."

In the 1950s, Mikels moved to Bend, Oregon, joined the Bend Community Players little theater group, and founded his own film production company. Soon, he began producing both educational documentaries, and short dramatic features. Additionally, as horseman, archery expert, Indian, and stuntman, he contributed to the production of several Hollywood films made in Central Oregon. Notably, during on location filming of The Indian Fighter, he taught studio special effects crews a technique for making flaming arrows appear authentic. Before leaving Oregon in the early 1960s, Mikels wrote and directed his first feature-length film in 1963 entitled Strike Me Deadly.

In 1993, Mikels began running run TVM Studios, a film and video production studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada. On August 28, 2005, he was presented with a Certificate of Recognition by Nevada Lieutenant Governor Lorraine T. Hunt on the day of screening of his then-latest film, Heart of a Boy, which was the only G-rated film of his career. The certificate was awarded to Mikels for his contributions to the filmmaking industry.

In 2010, Mikels released the third installment in his Astro-Zombies franchise, Astro-Zombies M3: Cloned, followed two years later by Astro-Zombies M4: Invaders from Cyberspace. Both were produced by TVM Global Entertainment in association with Blue Heron International Pictures, and distributed by Alpha New Cinema. »


2016 The Corpse Grinders
2015 Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead
2013 Our Forever Friends
2012 The Corpse Grinders 3
2012 Astro Zombies: M4 - Invaders from Cyberspace
2010 Astro Zombies: M3 - Cloned
2009 Demon Haunt
2008 The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels
2006 Heart of a Boy 
2004 Mark of the Astro-Zombies
2004 Cauldron: Baptism of Blood
2003 I Chimera
2000 The Corpse Grinders 2
1997 Apartheid Slave-Women's Justice
1991 Mission: Killfast
1987 Angel of Vengeance
1982 Ten Violent Women
1982 The Aftermath
1979 Missile X: The Neutron Bomb Incident
1977 The Worm Eaters 
1977 Alex Joseph and His Wives
1973 The Doll Squad
1973 Blood Orgy of the She-Devils
1972 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 
1971 The Corpse Grinders 
1968 The Astro-Zombies
1968 Girl in Gold Boots
1966 The Black Klansman
1965 One Shocking Moment
1964 Dr. Sex
1963 Strike Me Deadly

Friday, October 14, 2016

Shark Breaks Into A Diver's Cage

Tourist diver Ming is one lucky guy, as a shark broke into his cage...!

We're gonna need a bigger cage.

Like sharks? How about a Jaws screening in the water?