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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Black Flag TV Larger Screen and Cleaner Layout

Well at least a little bit cleaner. Ain't easy to render so much stuff accessible in a limited number of pages!

So now all TV streams lie on their own, separate pages! This allowed to display a larger screen size on the page, I had a great deal of requests about this... The showtimes are now located at the bottom of all pages, but I'm unsure if it will stay there. I might just set a link to the Google calendar.

I also removed all Facebook comments boxes. It was dramatically increasing my site's loading time. Goodbye Facebook, and I apologize to all who posted comments.

More tweaks are coming on the site, but the bigger part is done!

sv bell

Website a bit slow, but I'm on it!

Yeah, me too I noticed my website is slow loading. Lots of stuff all over the place, it looks like a mess!

I'm working on it, cleaning stuff, and having a more recognizable structure to it. There's also a great deal of links being called from 'outside', and I'll also do a cleanup among these. I noticed the Facbook links are especially slow. Not really a surprise here, Facebook prefer people captive on their own website, instead of them using Facebook features on 'foreign' web pages!

Back to coding, now. *whip cracking

sv bell

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ads for your book, comics or film on Black Flag TV?

Sure it's possible!
I run my own, internal banner ads system, but a few months ago I joined Project Wonderful, which is much more easy for everyone, advertisers and publishers.

For advertisers, all you need to do is to open a free account, upload your banners, chose what site(s) you want to display your ads on, and you place your bid. Some sites (like Black Flag TV!) accept $0 bids, which means if no paid advertisers are bidding, your ads are being displayed for free. You can bid as low as 1¢ to secure your ad space, and from there it goes with the demand. Obviously, the more popular the site, the higher the minimum bids. It's an auction!

The cool thing with Project Wonderful is that its community is mainly around comics, manga, cosplay, conventions and indie stuff. And unlike Facebook or Twitter ads, you know exactly where you are displaying your ads, and you have access to all metrics of the publisher's pages.

Give it a shot! You can check my advertiser's profile here:

See you there!
sv bell

Almost back, hang on there!!

Folks, I'm really sorry for the recent issues with the stream! The faulty piece of equipment in the studio should be replaced in a few hours, or a couple of days at the most.

By the meantime I am using my home internet connection, which is much slower. So I lowered the quality of the broadcast to avoid data bottlenecks, but still stream all three channels. At least you can watch the programming in low definition instead of having a broken stream error message. Everything will be back to normal shortly.

Thanks for your understanding!

sv bell

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Black Flag TV slowly getting back!

Stay tuned folks, as the channels are gradually getting back to normal. Problems with the main modem, I should be getting a new one tomorrow!

Right now the streams are online, but in low quality only.