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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Heavy Metal Art Book Is On The Way!

I'm doing a lot of conventions, and many, many times, I have metal fans dropping by my stand, and ask questions about this or that heavy metal album cover I painted.

I did quite a bunch of album covers over the years, and some of these bands / albums became highly influential in the music industry.

I'm fortunate enough to be the artist who was commissioned to paint the artwork for some of these albums. No one knows in advance what death metal album will become a classic, I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

So after chatting with fellow metal fans in these conventions, I thought it would be a good idea to put out a book that covers every aspect, of every albums I worked on. How I got in touch with the bands. How I got to work with this or that label. The sketches I did, approval process, photo session with models when needed. Logo designs sometimes. Or record labels sponsoring my public art performances. Also bands praising my work as well as unhappy bands who went as far as issuing death threats.

There's lots of funny facts an artist can reveal around a heavy metal album cover he's done!

The hard cover book should be out sometimes this fall. Page count is not final yet but it should be around 250 pages. I'm still gathering all the content to fill the pages, and every single day I find stuff I totally forgot about. There's just so many things to cover!

«Yes but... Will this book show the same stuff as your other one, Universe In Motion?»

Nope! While Universe In Motion features a bunch of my heavy metal album covers, it doesn't include all of them - far from it. With this new book you will have everything, and I'm also adding comments and funny facts to spice it up...

So hang on there, and look out for an official announcement!

sv bell

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Black Flag TV: network upgrade!

Folks, if you noticed some downtime lately, I'm sorry for that! Keeping the stream steady becomes a daunting task and I called the techs since it appears the problem isn't in my studio.

So I'm on it. My ISP's tech came this morning to investigate the problem, and it appears there is a signal router to be replaced, located up in the post at the corner of the street.

I'm told the problem should be resolved tomorrow, the time another tech comes back with the replacement part.

So the stream will be erratic for another day, I apologize for that! Hang on there folks.

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