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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tips And Hints For Artists Selling In Comics Conventions

I just stumbled across this neat tips list intended for artists that are selling their art in comic books conventions.

To me it's all common sense and we shouldn't need to 'learn' these steps to sell our comic books. The big mistake would be to apply these tips in a simple sales pitch goal. It has to come naturally. Smiling to people. Complimenting visitors on their cosplay. Stuff like that shouldn't be part of a sales pitch. It should be part of the real you!

One thing is important though, try to offer exclusive items, that are not available anywhere else. One shot items, available only at the convention you are right now. People love to get unique items they won't find on your website or on your Patreon page.

List taken from Comics Beat.

  1. If you aren’t good at talking to people, you’ll need to bring someone that is;
  2. Best opening is “hello” or “would you like a free ______?”
  3. Best sales are always in the final hour of the day so don’t leave early;
  4. Ask people what they like to read, let them tell you which of your books they’d be more interested in (what kind of movies do you like can be good too);
  5. Have 10 second and 60 second pitches for each book. With the 60 second know which key pages of art to show;
  6. Have a cheap entry level thing they can buy to try (or give for free);
  7. Have expensive quality items for your hardcore fans;
  8. Have a variety of things. Some people like to choose;
  9. When you leave your table leave a sign saying when you’ll be back;
  10. Take credit cards. With the square register there is no reason not to. You’re missing out on sales when you don’t;
  11. Hand a person talking to you a book to flip through;
  12. Smile;
  13. Make positive comments about their cosplay, kid, t-shirt and follow it up with a question. Where’d you get the shirt?
  14. Plan your calories. You need to eat to keep your energy level up;
  15. Have a clear display with your name, best known property (ies), even a single banner behind you is enough;
  16. Have something visible with your social media;
  17. Bring a small water bottle you can refill at the water fountain;
  18. If you’re getting angry, annoyed or are dead on your feet…take a break;
  19. Try and make people laugh. Try different things. Practice and come up with one liners that will make people smile;
  20. Don’t be pushy. People come to comic conventions to chill!

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