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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

For The 2nd Year In a Row, Vinyl Records Sales Outperformed Music Streaming Revenues.

The 2015 music industry numbers are out at the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), and for the second year in a row, vinyl sales outperformed the revenues of streaming, subscription and ad-supported apps like Spotify and Youtube. In fact, vinyl records sales are almost on par with the numbers of 1988.

Vinyl records are still a niche market, but to the music industry, it is a significant source of revenues. Thousand of vinyl album sales generate more than the billions of streams served in the digital world.

That says a lot... Even though streaming is extremely popular for the audience, the music industry, studios and artists don't really get anything out of it, at least directly.

Seems I am not the only one who previews an album on iTune, and then go buy the vinyl record at the local music store instead of downloading it.

View the RIAA blog and report here.

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