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Thursday, November 19, 2015

This Weekend, See You At Ottawa Pop Expo!

It's just around the corner, hours away...!
This weekend, November 21-22, it's the Ottawa Pop Expo! I expect this year to be an awesome one, since it involves famous names like William Shatner, Star Wars' Ray Park and Dark matter's Zoie Palmer. Not to mention the amazing comic book artists and cosplayers that are always there. See the full lineup on the Ottawa Pop Expo's website. And look for Petra Hudakova's pictures gallery while being there...

Make sure you folks drop by my stand to say hi, and pick my latest comic book, Realms Of Fear! Second issue is finally out and is waiting for you at the Ottawa Pop Expo. Subscribers already got their copy last week, and if you can't make it to Ottawa, copies are available at our friends shop La Boite à BD de Laval.

The comic book will be added to my store section in the next couple of weeks.

So see you all at the Ottawa Pop Expo, folks!

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