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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Personal Jetpack is Here! Man Flies Near Liberty Statue!

The Rocketeer lives! Zombies of the Stratosphere and King of the Rocketmen are no longer science-fiction (sort of)...

"The dream of personal flight took a great leap forward last week as Jetpack Aviation unveiled its JB-9 jetpack in spectacular fashion. 

Lifting off from a boat, inventor and aviator David Mayman flew the powerful, agile JB-9 around the Statue of Liberty, pausing to salute and pirouette before touching back down. Running on kerosene and using two vectored jet engines, the JB-9 can reach high speeds and altitudes and offers a flight time over 10 minutes, depending on pilot weight. We spoke at length with Mayman to discover how the JB-9 works and how long it'll be before we can buy one."

More information on Gizmag.

Everything about jetpacks on

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