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Friday, November 20, 2015

"Publish yourself. Don't rely on others." - Alan Moore

Great advice from Alan Moore to indie writers.

Publish your own stuff. Big publishers will turn you down. Prove you can gain an audience by yourself first, then the big boys won't ignore you. They will want to take advantage of that popularity you CAN generate.

It's still important in an author's career to be part of a big publisher. To make it, you need to be part of a big family. To be part of a catalog lineup. To be associated with a brand that has a network and contacts in the industry.

Much like a talented kid playing great hockey will want to join the NHL. He can't just knock at the door. He's got to go thru junior leagues and prove himself.

Today's tools allow indie creators to publish their work, send it out there, and build an audience. There's never been a best time to publish stuff!

Read the full article on io9.

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