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Friday, February 13, 2015

Why books in print? Why records on vinyl?

There's a whole lot of stuff web-based companies and e-marketers won't tell you. Stuff like: real world still exist. And it's where you should look to have an idea of how the future is shaped. Not online. You know movies are fake, right? Now see the web as a movie. Because that's what it is!

Occasionally I get mail from people asking me how come I haven't uploaded my comics online, and offer them on various digital platforms, e-reader and the like. Why?

Simply because I prefer my comics available in print, on paper. I feel like having them displayed on a screen kills all its value, and kills the experience of flipping thru pages. Nobody can brag about having a sentimental attachment to a digital file. But they do feel something for a book they hold in their hands, and that is what really matters to me regarding my comics!

Offering books in digital format as a way to bring in extra revenues for an author selling physical books? How about offering a book on digital platform impact physical sales... Because it does. The general thinking goes like: "Hey it's available online, one day I'll download it." In most cases that day often never comes.

In the other hand, when you walk in a store, grab a book that interest you, chances are you think "Hey, I'm here, I like this book, I have it in my hands, so while being at it, let's buy it..." Why is that? Because it's physical. It exists, and unlike a digital file that will be available online forever (in legit or pirated form), there is a possibility you may not find the physical book again somewhere.

That's the real world.

Same applies to vinyl records. It's cool to buy and download a digital album from your favorite band. What kind of attachment do you have with the album? None. It's another icon in your player. You are attached to your mobile, tablet, iPod, but are you feeling anything for the files it contains? You connect only with the real, physical world. Same goes for the records you have on your shelve... You like them. They ain't perfect, records may be scratchy, sleeves may show signs of wear, but they're there in your hands. The real world connection always work.

We can go on and on. Are you taking photos? Probably. Like many people during vacations you will take thousands of pictures. And store them online, or on a disc. But you don't print them on paper. The interesting part is, photos on paper stays forever. They're in the real world. You still have (and cherish) those 36 photos from 1985 in an album on your shelve. But do you remember where are the thousands of digital pictures you took last summer?

Digital world means big numbers, but that's all what it is. Numbers!

sv bell

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