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Friday, February 20, 2015

No budget to advertise your stuff? No problem!

Comic books?
Self-published author?
Crowdfunding your project?
Advertising your Amazon or Etsy store?
Advertising your Ebay auctions?

I've been there too, you have great stuff to advertise, but no money to do it...
There's only so much you can do thru social media before feeling like you're spamming your friends.

That's why I'm offering banner ads on my website for free.

Well not really for 'free', since placement are auction-based, BUT I have set the minimum bid to $0. That means if no one has paid for the space, you can use it to promote your stuff, at no cost.

You can see the current bids of the ads right under the banners. If it states 0$, that's because the ads are currently free and you can run your banner at will.

You can take a peek at all the spaces available
via my Project Wonderful profile.

That is also where you upload your banners, and publish them on my website. Joining is free, by the way. Can't beat that!

(Don't have a banner? Drop me a line, maybe I can arrange that.)

-Sv Bell

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