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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Trading Cards coming this week!

Everytime I see you folks in comics convention, you ask me "Got any new trading cards, brother?" Guess what? Next time you will ask me, I will be able to respond "Yes, YES!"

Color 2 sides, 16pts stock, laminated.
Because I'm getting a new run of trading cards this week. Finally! Two new cards to add to the lineup. Mainly used as freebies and gifts for people subscribing to my comic books, these lil'things are sexy as Hell. Take my word for it.

Want your kit of cards? All numbered, with illustrations I did: covers, paintings, heavy metal art, and still photos taken from my horror movies. All packaged in a lovely resealable bag. Get'em while they're... OK it's getting cheesy now.

'Nuff said, here's the Paypal link to order the kit for $5 postpaid.

-Sv Bell

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