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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Black Flag TV television network is expanding!

Yes, much more stuff is coming soon. Right now, there are three live channels broadcasting, and a fourth one is in preparation: a channel that's dedicated solely to my own productions!

24h a day, you will be able to watch, TV-style, all the films I've made, and those I'll be making in the future! To date I have 5 feature films released, and many short films. Also a whole bunch of experimental dark movies. Some music videos as well. Bottomline that's a lot of content I can gather together in a single TV channel.

Just like the other Black Flag TV streams, this station will be live on the website, and also available as a Roku channel!

Because of that, I also need to increase my bandwidth pipeline. All my TV channels are hosted on my own video servers, right in my office. None of my content is online, all is broadcasting live from my studio. That means a lot of horsepower is needed...

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