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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Free ads available on Black Flag TV website

OK, nothing is free you'll say.
What's the gimmick, you'll ask...

There's none! Simply put, the banner ads on my website are up for auction, and I've set the minimum bid to $0. That means you can run your banners on my pages totally free of charge, until someone decide to bid a penny. Otherwise you have nothing to pay. Pretty neat!

Banners on my site don't go thru an approval process. You're going live right away!

That's the perfect option for indie filmmakers and comic book artists, to advertise their Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns!

How to go to get your banners displaying across my pages?
Easy enough - click here to join Project Wonderful (free of course), upload your banners, and select which page(s) on my site you want your banners to display!

Good luck!
-Sv Bell

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