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Thursday, February 5, 2015

That whole 'Support' thing!

We read it everywhere on the web... Support! Support! Support!!

Black Flag TV is no different and just like everybody else, supporting the station is critical. Yes, there are paid Roku subscriptions, but that's nowhere near enough to fund a live TV broadcast. It helps, but it doesn't cover everything.

OK, now what's the best way to support Black Flag TV?
There are plenty of options, but the best one, by far, is to buy my comic books! Yes, most of the funds to run the TV channel come from my print comic books. It may not seem a lot, but real world goods is where revenues are. That's where the expenses are for my TV channels, and money has to come from the real world too. It's a simple concept that no online marketer will put forward, for obvious reasons.

By getting my print comic books, you get a nice, highly entertaining little book in your hands, made by me, and the moolah I get from the books sales are invested in the TV station. I write and draw the books myself, so there are no 'real' expenses (except ink, paper, and lots of labor of course.)

Sv Bell's Comic Books

But you know, basically, anything you can buy in Black Flag TV store will help! Books, DVDs, and there's also a donation option available. But the best route is and will remain the comic books!!

Black Flag TV Store

Sv Bell

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