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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Unspoken Crisis That Kills Local Comic Shops

Folks, don’t forget that when you order comics from your local shop, the store actually PAY upfront to get the books, and have them delivered to the store for you. If you don’t show up to pick up your order, it’s the comics shop you love who gets in trouble…!

"With the hastag of #BoostYourLCS hitting the web to help comics shops everywhere, Pack Rat comics in Hilliard, Ohio pointed out something else that is hurting comics shops… and it’s not lack of new readers, variant covers, late shipping books or digital editions…

It’s subscribers who order comics then don’t pick them up.

As the sign points out, Pack Rat has $1,481.20 in comics that were not picked up from their pull service in the last 3 months. Not I’m not sure if that’s cover value or the amount they paid, but either way those books are tying up their ability to order more inventory and since they are being held for customers, they can’t be sold.

If you are a subscriber at your local comic shop and haven’t picked up your books in a while… either head down and get them or set them free so they can find a good home and retailers can then cycle that money back into buying more books. Maybe we need #PickUpYourBooks

It’s the comic book circle of life… don’t be Scar."

Source: Bleeding Cool

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