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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Annoyed by Old News of Celebrity Deaths Resurfacing?

Oh my god! Michael Jackson passed away!
Oh my god! Leslie Nielsen passed away!
Oh my god! Hunter S. Thompson passed away!

People in shock relaying and sharing the stories of celebrities they think just passed away, while it's been months - or years - they're six feet under. And these posts are followed by tons of other posts pointing out it's old news, with links as proofs.

How come these news keep on coming back over and over, and people share them over and over? Basically, it's search engines effect. Google simply pulls up news that it thinks are relevant to you, so it can get shared all over again.

Of course search engines can develop an algorithm to fix that. But it's not going to happen. Because news shared over and over are clicks on links, therefore ads displays. Old or recent news, accurate or pure invention, it doesn't even matter. As long as people click all over their screens, search engines are happy, and make money.

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