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Monday, September 7, 2015

Decent traffic on my sites. Ads available at 1¢ / day!

There's a fairly decent traffic on my website, since I pretty much cut ties with social medias. 

No more Facebook pages - since I closed them almost two years ago, I saw a dramatic increase in the visits to my own web presence. An average of 3000 page views/day lately.

Should anyone want to take advantage of the banner ads available on my site, you can throw in your bids via Project Wonderful.

Since ads are sold via bids, prices are dynamically adjusted and you can bid as little as 0$. Bidding 0$ means if there are no paid advertiser at that time, your ad runs for free. That's very much like Ebay auctions. The more you bid for an ad, the better chances you have your banners displayed.

Want to reach an audience of comic books lovers, heavy metal fans, sci-fi and horror movies lovers, give me a shout!


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