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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cassettes are making a comeback! Yes, cassettes!

Vinyls sales are steadily going up since 2007, they are even getting more and more popular. Sales should reach some 10 million albums in 2015 and that ain’t bad, considering some folks declared vinyls dead when digital format took over the market.

But I was surprised last week, when a friend of mine running an electronics shop told me he had lots of requests for tape decks, and the demand keeps going up since nearly two years! That sounded strange. I sure can understand how people would prefer vinyls over digital, but tapes...? I asked him if shoppers were mainly asking decks for transferring their old cassettes to digital, but my friend told me it apparently wasn’t the case. They were just people looking for "a good deck to play cassettes."

And why not? After all, cassettes are cool as hell. And just like vinyl records, they have something that no digital format will ever be able to offer: something to hold in your hands. For music producers and recording artists, they’re also a great, cheap solution to release their albums.

Buying tapes and vinyl, you really own something. It’s there, in your hands.It exists. And you feel attached to what you own. Do you have any kind of sentiment for the digital album your purchased on iTunes? Do you have any feelings for a digital file on your mobile? Probably not. And that’s why music on vinyl and tape are claiming back their throne.

I guess I will need to go back to my friend’s shop, and find a replacement unit for my broken Sony deck. Because, like everybody else, I never got rid of my tapes.

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