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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Looking for "New York Nights" (1983)

Folks, I'm searching for this old 80s flick, New York Nights (1983). Nothing to do with horror, except - maybe - that it's probably the film that inspired Roger Corman for his line of soft-core TV movies from the early 90s.

Anyways, New York Nights is one of those obscure piece from the 80s that felt into oblivion. It never had a DVD release (as far as I know) and occasionally we stumble across some excessively worn former rental VHS up on Ebay.

Starring Corinne Alphen and George Ayer (who passed away not long after.) Also a young Willem Dafoe is in it, and the film feature some music by Rod Stewart.

Don't ask me why I want it. Maybe nostalgia, maybe because it deals with struggling artists in the Big Apple, or maybe just because it's hard to find. Chances are this film is dramatically outdated. I recall I liked it when it came out, but never had the chance to see it again in decades...

Got a good copy of this? Contact me!

New York Nights on IMDB

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